Once lived a boy who took the world in his hand
Waking up from a slumber, it became a serpent
Coiled around him, crushed him and plunged its fang
Surrendered and closed his eyes with lots to repent
But then he woke, he thought he died
The venom abated a bigger poison within
He opened his hand to see a turtle inside
Atop the turtle was a mirror wherein
A cloud of mist cleared as he gazed
Clearer and clearer the mist subsided
Then mirrors all around him, he saw dazed
Until he himself became a mirror undivided
"What does a mirror see in another mirror?"
To which the reply was "Be"
And in the next instant...

The NFT of “Nothing” tries to point at a concept which I really do not know, but have felt. The NFT of “Nothing” is an empty NFT- no description, no media- but it is beyond just an empty NFT. I try not to believe in superlatives and my idea was not to create the first empty NFT or to explore a concept which has previously been explored. Rather this is a narrative, a personal experience which gave me profound insights and changed the course of my life that I am, with all humility, trying to point at. Over the course of time studying psychology, philosophy and spirituality, I have discovered few "subjective" truths about existence. By all means I would still say I don’t know. But all these subjective truths point at an experience (I had) of the concept which I believe myself to be Nothing (for a lack of a better word). And I thought it was time I shared it with the world. All I can do is point.
The NFT of "Nothing" can be found here : https://app.cargo.build/collectible/0x42ea135d8e9e90657D6d5F715f59794c68BE7f17/266

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