1. Brushbounty
A project done at the Adobe Design Labs on Animation Brushes. This was presented at the main-stage of Adobe Max to an audience of 12000 creatives.
Research - Design - Prototyping  | PS - AI - Processing.

2. Makerstudio
A project on sculpting in Augmented Reality using mobile devices which went viral and got featured in international publications.
Design - Prototyping  | PS - AI - Unity3D.

3. Auria Kathi
The first AI poet-artist living completely in the cloud. The project was selected to be exhibited at the Florence Biennale and was featured in the national daily The Indian Express.
Concept - Design - Prototyping  | PS - Python

4. Miscellaneous
A video reel of miscellaneous other projects.
Concept - Design - Prototyping  | Various