A generative collectible project by Fabin Rasheed
In collaboration with the BeyondNFT platform

About the project
Astraglade is an interactive and generative series of 3D collectibles. These unique collectibles can be signed by a signature that the collector chooses (example image below), which will remain embedded in the collectible forever. Astraglade NFTs can be collected through a unique process via social media (read more below)
A total of 11,111 Astraglades will ever be minted. Each Astraglade is priced at 0.0888 ETH.
How to collect
1. In twitter, post a tweet in the format:
<your signature> space <your ETH wallet address> space #signatureNFT space @astraglade
Signatures should be a single word
2. You will get a reply to your tweet automatically within some time (5-15 minutes) with a link to a unique version of Astraglade. 
You can mint only one Astraglade every 
15 minutes. After 15 minutes, any unminted version will expire forever.
Final note
There are no rarity traits/properties for Astraglades except for the class-names which are part of the title of the NFTs. 
The Astraglade project comes under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
We are in uncharted territories in doing this project especially with the social media bot. There are chances of errors and problems. Please bear with us while we fix any that may come up.
To talk more on Astraglades, jump into the #Astraglade channel in the BeyondNFT discord server. Link here.
Opensea collection link here

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