A generative collectible project by Fabin Rasheed
In collaboration with the BeyondNFT platform​​​​​​​

Discord : #astraglade channel on BeyondNFT Server
OpenSea Link : Astraglade on Opensea

About the project
Astraglade is an interactive and generative series of 3D collectibles. These unique collectibles can be signed by a signature that the collector chooses (example image below), which will remain embedded in the collectible forever. Astraglade NFTs can be collected through a unique process via social media (read more below)
A total of 5,555 Astraglades will ever be minted. Each Astraglade is priced at 0.0888 ETH.
What is a Signature?
A signature is any word or name that can be used to sign the NFT collectible. This signature will be embedded on the base plate of the Astraglade forever.
How to collect
You can collect Astraglades easily by using this link: https://astraglade.beyondnft.io/
(The traditional method to collect using social media mentioned below is not preferred due to twitter rate limits)
1. In twitter, post a tweet in the format:
<your signature> <your ETH wallet address> #signatureNFT @astraglade
SPOCK 0xF2A841F4025159e5a845de3172384A7bCa00dDdE #signatureNFT @Astraglade
Please note: Signatures should be a single word. Also ENS addresses are not supported.
2. You will get a reply to your tweet automatically with a link to a unique version of Astraglade. 
You can mint only one Astraglade every 
15 minutes. After 15 minutes, any unminted version will expire forever.
Contract Upgrade
When we released Astraglade, it was a voyage into uncharted territories - with the interactive 3D art, signature and twitter based mechanism. Along the way we learned a lot, and from this we decided to upgrade the contract of Astraglade. This is so that:
1. It works with future upgrades and standards.
2. It can easily integrate with the future extensions that we have planned for astraglades.
3. Finally, after conversation with many of the amazing collectors, we decided to reduce the supply from 11,111 to 5,555.
Anyone who has an Astraglade numbered from 1 to 84 will have to upgrade the tokens. You can do the same easily here:
What more? We will reimburse the gas fee that you spend on upgrading. We are really excited for the future course of Astraglade. Welcome onboard this journey.
Claim Astraglades with Petri
To the folks who have collected my generative art Petri - you made a significant mark in my artistic career. As such, I have something very exciting to tell you:
Petri will be a golden ticket/access card to claim Astraglades as well as any future extensions of Astraglade. I am planning to have multiple connected drops under the Astraglade project and all this will be available for free (except gas) to Petri holders!
How to claim an Astraglade:
2. Connect the wallet containing the Petri. You will see how many Astraglades can be claimed above the Claim button. Enter a signature (Read more about signatures above)
3. Click on the claim button to claim one Astraglade. If you hold more than one Petri, you can claim as many Astraglades by regenerating a new one with a tweet. Free astraglade claims will be available as long as the cap of 5,555 is not reached. 
Please note, if you bought a Petri in the secondary market, the Petri might or might not have been used to claim an Astraglade. So it may or may not be valid.
I welcome you - the Petri Gang - to this project and all I am asking you instead is to spread the word about Astraglades.
For any queries jump into the #astraglade channel in BeyondNFT discord server.
Astraglade Planets
Astraglade planets is an extension of Astraglades. Astraglade planets feature the planets to which Astraglades have ventured into. Planets can be claimed for free (except gas) by anyone with an Astraglade NFT in their wallet (if not claimed previously with the same Astraglade) at :
Each planet minted will have the same Astraglade that was used to claim it revolving around the planet.
Please make sure to connect the wallet containing an unclaimed Astraglade to claim a planet.
Astraglade planets have rarity traits/properties

Opensea link:
Final Note
There are no rarity traits/properties for Astraglades except for the class-names which are part of the title of the NFTs. Astraglade planets do have rarities
The Astraglade project comes under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
We are in uncharted territories in doing this project especially with the social media bot. There are chances of errors and problems. Please bear with us while we fix any that may come up.
To talk more on Astraglades, jump into the #Astraglade channel in the BeyondNFT discord server. Link here.
Opensea collection link here

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