Fabin Rasheed has been working at the merger of code and design for 7+ years now. With a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, a strong programming acumen and a Masters in Design from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, he has been active as a Creative Technologist. Fabin is best known for his innovation calibre and futuristic thinking in his circles. He was previously working at Adobe's Design Labs where he drove futuristic projects from concept to research to design to prototyping and finally pitching to teams. Apart from regular work, he also mentored junior imagineers and interns. With strong verbal, written and presentation skills, he has presented at multiple conferences. Recently he presented one of his concepts as a Max Sneak at the Adobe Max 2018. He has also been the primary author for over 8 patents filed in the last 2 years, of which two of the significant patents were granted recently , making him an Adobe Inventor. His technical skills range from programming in HTML/CSS, Unity3D, Processing etc. to hardware engineering using Arduino, Raspberry PI or even microcontroller circuits. He is also proficient in 3D design besides 2D graphic design. One of his Unity3D based exploration for sculpting in AR was featured in some of the international magazines. He has also got his hands wet with Artificial Intellignece and machine learning algorithms. One of his more interesting side projects in AI was Auria Kathi, the first of its kind AI poet-artist living in the cloud. Currently he is working on a block building app for Augmented Reality called Ameyt World.
Before working at the labs, Fabin has been part of the Interaction Design of products like Adobe Rush, Adobe Color, Adobe Story and panels for Adobe Photoshop. Fabin likes to work in a fast paced environment in the middle of the creative and technology space, and would like to learn, make, teach and present product-specific innovations.
Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/nurecas
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