Fabin Rasheed is an Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working at the intersection of Creativity and Technology. Fabin's works revolve around exploring different creative expressions through innovative methods touching  topics like society, philosophy and spirituality. His works span a variety of technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Gestures, Voice, Generative arts etc. His works have been featured in multiple international venues like Ars Electronica, NeurIPS Creativity Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), Florence Biennale (Florence, Italy), Contemporary And Digital Art Fair (CADAF), Athens Digital Art Festival (ADAF, Athens, Greece), Boston Cyberarts (Boston, USA), Singapore Art Week (Singapore) etc. He has worked with innovation labs at Xerox Research, Adobe, IIT Guwahati etc. He also holds 6+ patents and multiple publications in creativity and technology. His works have also been featured in national and international media like Popular Science, Mashable, SlashGear, BuzzFeed, Indian Express, Business Standard, Mid-Day etc. In 2015 he was selected as one of the top Innovators from India as part of NCSI, Pune to present his work in the presence of the Vice President of India. In 2018 he presented his innovative project on animated brushes at the main-stage of Adobe MAX 2018. In early 2021, he was selected as one of the top 10 global finalists at the Aurea Awards, honouring Excellence in VR & AR Entertainment. In 2021, he was also nominated for the Digital Innovation in Arts award. Fabin is also an artist council member at the Museum of Cryptoart. He is also a guest lecturer at institutes like IITH, MITID etc. and is a member of board of studies at MITID, Pune. Fabin holds a Masters Degree in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.
Timeline of notable events:

. Helped create digital 3D version of a sculpture of the artist Dustin Yellin which was auctioned at Christies as part of the Cartography of the Mind auction for $63,000 (https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/cartography-mind-curated-nft-sale-benefit-maps/dustin-yellin-b-1975-15/155332?ldp_breadcrumb=back)
. Interview by Mathrubhumi News channel on my digital art practice ( https://youtu.be/ZdbRM7bPMKI )
. "Auto" series exhibited at Singapore Art Week as part of NFT: The New North Star exhibition (https://www.tzpulse.com/articles/newnorthstar-seafocus )

. Quote selected among top 65 quotes by YourStory (https://yourstory.com/2021/12/year-in-review-2021-quotes-design/amp)
. Artwork "Schrodinger's Box" and info on exhibition featured in ArtsFuse magazine ( https://artsfuse.org/242551/visual-arts-commentary-nft-art-disinterested-creativity-or-an-investment-strategy/ )
. Art collectible project "Astraglade" exhibited at Shanghai Metaverse Week (https://www.m7e.sh/en-US )
. Artwork "Schrodinger's box" exhibited at Beginnings2 at Boston Cyberarts,USA (https://www.bostoncyberarts.org/beginnings2 )
. Artwork "Formless" exhibited at WOW Summit, Dubai ( https://wowsummit.net/nft-expo/ )
. Artwork "Formless" exhibited at Athens Digital Arts Festival ( https://online.adaf.gr/video/formless/ )
. Artwork "Formless" exhibited at ArsElectronica Concrete House .Art Gallery ( http://vrallart.com/vr-exhibitions/ec/concrete_house/ )
. Panelist at Concrete House .Art Gallery inauguration at ArsElectronica Festival (http://ars.electronica.art/newdigitaldeal/en/creators-economy/)
. Featured in Analytics India Magazine (https://analyticsindiamag.com/meet-three-leading-ai-based-artists-in-india/)
. Part of the panel of artists for the workshop on NFTs  hosted by National Gallery of Singapore and Zilliqahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT4LYaRnHHU )
.  6+ patents as a primary inventor in the field of creativity (https://patents.google.com/?q=fabin+rasheed&oq=fabin+rasheed ) . Has also contributed to scientific research publication in AR/VR and AI.
. Speaker at Pune Design Festival, 2021 (https://www.punedesignfestival.org)
.  Top 10 Global Finalists at Aurea awards - Excellence in AR/VR entertainment, 2021 ( https://aurea-award.com/awards )

. Exhibiting artist at Contemporary And Digital Art Fair (CADAF), 2020 (https://cadaf.art/artists/fabin-rasheed)
. Exhibiting artist at CODAME Art-Tech Festival, 2020 (https://codame.com/artists/fabin-rasheed)
.  Interview in Rare Digital Bird (Ann Marie Alanes), 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QafTqS85cY)
.  Interview in Behind the Art (Josie Bellini), 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACHppnuuiKU)
.  AI art project "GPT3 Sees" exhibited at the AI Art Gallery of NeurIPS workshop on Machine Learning for creativity and design
. Visiting faculty and advisor at MIT institute of Design, Pune's IMD division, 2020

. AI-brushes project ( www.nurecas.com/ai-brushes ) 2019 , which is a series of explorations on creativity and future expression of drawing tools using Machine Learning. The project has yielded viral videos like https://twitter.com/fabinrasheed/status/1191255610479669248?s=20

.  Art from the AI-Brushes project exhibited at Re.Work AI Summit, 2019, San Francisco ( https://blog.re-work.co/could-ai-be-the-future-of-art )

.  AI-brushes project featured in RunwayML makers’ page, 2019: https://runwayml.com/madewith

.  AI-brushes featured in The Raritan Gallery (online), 2019:

.  AI art project covered by multiple national newspapers, 2019 ( https://media-exp1.licdn.com/media-proxy/ext?w=1878&h=2048&f=n&hash=gU3wtHKkiazM2DkZal1ol2ZrKeA%3D&ora=1%2CaFBCTXdkRmpGL2lvQUFBPQ%2CxAVta5g-0R6jnhodx1Ey9KGTqAGj6E5DQJHUA3L0CHH05IbfPWi6fcaNKufzokARcH1SjQA3e-u1ETjgQI66LoPtK9l0jpfgd8P5aRUPbhU4hGUB_N88 )
. Artificial Intelligence art project was exhibited at Florence Biennale 2019 ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158631234823132&set=pb.544573131.-2207520000..&type=3&theater )

. Presented one of his innovative works at Adobe Max 2018 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9GUnQvkQOc ) to an audience of more than 12,000 creatives gathered in Los Angeles.
. Artificial Intelligence art project featured in NeurIPS Creativity Gallery 2018 ( http://www.aiartonline.com/community-2019/fabin-rasheed-sleeba-paul-and-santosh-pillai/ )

. His project on Augmented Reality based sculpting project was featured in Mashable, 2017 (https://mashable.com/2017/08/26/apple-arkit-ar-scuplting-app-apple-pencil )


.  His work was selected as one of the 20 social innovations from India to be presented at the NCSI in the presence of the then Vice President of India, Sri Hamid Ansari, 2015 ( https://pro2-bar-s3-cdn-cf6.myportfolio.com/02c5201375c3706250b26cf840ace79c/0059548b-1f56-4af2-ba89-3fb4cc3cfec8_rw_1200.jpg?h=17371325bf2694ccc2af821f7561ee7d )

He is also an author for publications like :
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