A creative-scientific collaboration between Fabin Rasheed and Dr. Murali Doraiswamy
The Art
Knots is an artwork created by Fabin Rasheed in collaboration with renowned brain doctor Dr. Murali Doraiswamy. Exploring how psychological connections that are lodged in the past can be released one by one until the human psyche reaches its purest, unconditioned form, knots is a psycho-spiritual commentary on the human condition.
The sculpture represents the human condition. The mirror represents the ego, the constant thinking about oneself and of judging everything from ones own viewpoint. This singular viewpoint is the human condition in which we all journey through this life. The mirror is hung from the person’s head in such a way that it is a big burden for them. The mirror is attached to the head through knots on threads which encircle and suffocate the person (it covers the nose and mouth). The knots represent the psychological conditioning from past incidents, traumas, suppressions etc. lodged in the subconscious which makes the person highly attached to the ego. This person, because of these knots, can see only himself or herself all the time. Now the question is, can we release these knots one-by-one, by understanding and looking at these psychological conditioning, thereby getting ourselves healed. And by doing so can we finally break free from this mirror and shatter it to reach freedom - the purest self?
The sculpture was hand sculpted in NomadSculpt. This was then textured and rendered in Blender and Adobe Dimension. The sculpture was the 3D printed from Proto21. Finally the threads and the mirror were hung on the sculpture by hand.

Physical Sculpture

Art Dubai 2023
This artwork was exhibited as an NFT and a physical sculpture at Art Dubai 2023 as part of the exhibit curated by Morrow Collective.
In the media
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