A creative-scientific collaboration between Fabin Rasheed and Dr. Murali Doraiswamy.
The Art
Depression and flourishing are the two extremes of human wellbeing. More than 300 million people worldwide face depression - a battle that can bring sufferers to the edge of the world. The goal of recovery from depression is to enable people to flourish.
Fabin’s own personal journey through depression highlights the importance of building self-efficacy in recovery. Self-efficacy refers to a person’s belief in their ability to change their behaviours to overcome challenges. 
Memoria showcases two characters, one “being there” for the other. One part listens and cares for the other part, which over many years results in self-efficacy and recovery. The sculpture when viewed from the front has two characters in it while from the back we realize they are both one. At a spiritual level this also reflects the need to transcend the apparent duality of nature. 
The gold-colored wire-like strip connecting the two heads is a composite EEG tracing of frontal and limbic cortical neural recording data. This is an actual EEG from Fabin’s brain recorded years before and after his recovery. It represents the flourishing process - from the unhealed part to the healed, from the past to the present. 
This sculpture was created as a result of a creative and scientific collaboration between artist-technologist Fabin Rasheed and Dr. Murali Doraiswamy, a renowned physician and brain scientist, whose pioneering research has helped improve the lives of millions of people.
Memoria spotlights the importance of human connectedness, self-efficacy and love in healing.
The Process
Inspired from conversations I had with Dr. Murali, and taking into account my learnings from the recovery process, I created the sculpture by hand in NomadSculpt. With the doctors expertise, segments from my EEG reports, before and after the recovery process, was taken and combined in Blender. Finally the complete sculpture was textured in Adobe Dimension.
Art Dubai 2023
Memoria was exhibited at Art Dubai 2023 as part of the exhibit curated by Morrow Collective.
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