We are all Broken...
Something I’ve learned through my years-long study of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality is that, save for a lucky enlightened few, everyone is broken. We put up brave masks for others and ourselves to demonstrate strength. We wear this mask to disguise or compensate for problems that haunt us, a projection rooted in trauma and scarcity. Through the triptych “Broken Us,” I call attention to three common masks.
- The helpless hands with a bullet through the brain
- The knight with the long thorn lodged in the heart
- The walking advertisement powering through life
These are people like you or me. They are you and me at different points in life.
Through this work, I try to provoke self-reflection in the viewer to identify their psychological holds so they can begin the work to release them.​​​​​​​
The work consists of 3 3d sculptures which depicts these 3 masks:
Sculptures with a "mind signature"
The main figure in each piece was sculpted on my iPad using NomadSculpt. The feathers at the bottom are generative art based on my brainwaves, transmitted by an EEG headset as I made each sculpture and translated by my computer as imagery. The color and size of the feathers were determined by my brainwaves, giving the viewer a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind while I created the sculpture, a sort of mind-signature on the artwork.
Drop with Makersplace
This work was created as part of a curated drop with Makersplace, curated by Hernan Ortiz. The drop consisted of 3 1/1s of each character consisting of an image and an unlockable GLB file.
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