Project Numaverse is a series of explorations into the deeper states of the mind. These internal deeper states of the mind is something I termed "The Numaverse" as opposed to the Metaverse or the Universe.
My current explorations are into the hypnagogic states of the mind. The hypnagogic state is the transitory state between the waking and sleeping states. This state has been actively used by artists and inventors like Salvadore Dali, Thomas Edison etc. for creative inspiration. On the same lines, I am currently investigating this state for creative inspirations, past memories, visions and more.
This is currently an ongoing project and the phases (rather disorganised) of the progress can be seen below.
Phase 1: Translating hypnagogic imagery using txt2img AI models
In this Phase I am investigating how AI models like Dall-e could be used to translate the hypnagogic imagery that I have into a visible visual image. For this I go into the hypnagogic state, find a vision and create a text prompt based on the same. This is then entered to a txt2img model to convert into images. I then curate and edit it to reach the result I feel best. More often the results are not a direct 1:1 from the hypnagogic images. This is because I feel that once I receive the hypnagogic image, my logical brain should interpret it in the way it should, which will give the best results. Thus, ensuring a left brain - right brain collaboration of sorts.
1. "Beyond Immersion"
One of the first image that I received the hypno state was that of an Indian woman wearing a VR headset. This suddenly evolved into multiple characters with VR headsets. Finally taking it to my logical brain, I found this particular image to fit what I wanted to share. Here the Buddha wears a VR headset and it became a symbol for the intersection of 1) the the external world "the Universe", 2) the interconnected VR world "the Metaverse" and 3) the internal hypnagogic world "the Numaverse". The title is "Beyond Immersion" as I (and we all) would and should move beyond the immersion of all these 3 worlds. And beyond the immersion I feel all 3 worlds would converge into one unity. But this for later.
An interesting occurrence which happened when I released this on social media was that my cousin brother said he had seen this exact same image in a dream many years back. He was genuinely shocked and happy at the same time to see the image.
2. "Listening in Silence"
Inspired by my previous collab with George Boya Formless, I tried to expand the concept of unity-duality. This time around I tried to generate the image first (above) and then fed it into the hypnagogic state to retrieve another image. This was then worded in the AI model to generate an image. The image I retrieved is:
2. "Deep down under the ground"
I went a little more deeper this time and retrieved an image where a slab was kept vertically on a flower pot. Although this was the seed image, I used the text prompt reading this image myself and generated this image using an AI model:
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