The second phase of Numaverse starts in 2023 after a year from Numaverse-1 spent in contemplation, research and significant changes in my life. Numaverse is a project where I investigate hypnagogic imagery and more. 
Diving deep into the rabbit hole, I've come to believe that the larger idea or purpose of any kind of hypnagogic state or altered consciousness is healing. So this phase of Numaverse would be focussed on using contents from these states to study and impart healing. Although I've been using this for personal healing over the last years, I will be investigating deeper into it in this phase.
1. The guardians leap of faith
The very first image was that of a stork flying off a cliff over an ocean. I was almost able to capture the image in its exact essence using generative AI. The intent was “open and general healing”. The image of a stork has a significance for me and my wife. From our first date after wedding, until many other occasions, we have seen a grey stork, except for in our current country of residence, UAE. During our recent visit to Kerala, we went for a walk in our usual circuit and we saw it near a pond. We joke that it is following us at significant places. So maybe since it couldn’t come to UAE, it came in the Numaverse?
Either way, my interpretation was “hey, I’m still here with you“ , which at this point of my life was very reassuring. I believe these images are very subjective in interpretation. So the meaning I derive from it is what would be significantly healing when I intent for myself. The flying off the cliff, soaring over the ocean, would mean a leap of faith to me. But having done multiple leap of faiths, I feel this one is different. The ocean represents the infinite for me. So I’m soaring over it and not into it. Close? Parallel? Or maybe it is the guardian’s leap of faith.
2. Pencil Head
The intent was "a general image which will help healing". Specifically what I saw was the camel with the pencil-head. The other two elements are some AI fun.
Connection: There were multiple interpretations that came in when I opened it for public interpretation. Of most importance was Nostalgia on referencing it to "Camel Pencil" or "Camlin Pencil" which were brands of pencils from childhood. Some other beautiful interpretations included how the image represented survival of traditional art forms in a harsh environment; a pointed point of view in a desert; what we write gets erased just like a camel's footprint on desert sand; a camel in an asian oasis who has a purpose and direction; and my own favourite: in midst of nowhere, pencil seem to direct towards purpose/goal.
I decided to leave the image's connections to these interpretations at this point of time.
3. Stairway to heaven
Intent was "healing image for a specific person (#JMK)". What I saw was a shoe in the cloud. The rest of the elements in the image were AI creations.
Connection: initially I thought there was a strong connection for this image with a photo I took in Georgia..
But I went shoe shopping the next day, because I needed a new gym shoe. I didn’t realise the connection until I came home and saw the generated image again. So these images could be things that are needed in life. Healing in a way is also fulfilling desires. Multiple spiritual paths talk about dreams as unfulfilled desires. Maybe healing is not the right word to be used hence. “Showing what is needed”(not wanted) comes close…
But does this image actually work for the intent I set? Was it healing for the person I mentioned? I am not sure yet.​​​​​​​
4. Chocolate cave in the desert
I fetched the first image from the subconscious in the morning. There was no intent this time. 
After going through the day, I made a chocolate cake in the evening. I didn’t plan to make a cake, and was a spur-of-the moment decision. And I did not make the connection between the image and the cake. The cake helped uplift our mood very much. So I guess in that way it was very needed.
P.S: The cake didn't look great but tasted good and was healthy (oats cake :) )
5. Mask
I started a new workflow and I have been able to clearly generate the exact image that I saw during the hypnagogic state. This image was created in this workflow using multiple generative AI tools.
6. Journeying with the ancestors
7. The Carpet
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