The Dreamcatcher is a 3D generative sculpture created using my brainwaves and a photograph of my subconscious. This project is an extension of the Numaverse project which explores hypnagogic imagery. The dreamcatcher project was initiated at the Museum of the Future in Dubai as part of the "Rhizomatic" exhibition organised by Morrow Collective.
The Dreamcatcher is a 3D sculpture created using brainwaves and subconscious photography. As part of an un-performace act at the exhibition, I went into a state of meditation. In this state I explore hypnagogic and deeper imagery.
During the meditation, I wore an EEG device which translated my brainwaves into my computer which then created the sculpture. My brainwaves generated the feathers of the sculpture. Specifically the colour and size of the feathers were determined by the brainwaves. During the meditation, I also fetched an image from the subconscious. After the meditation I then queried in a prompt into an image generation AI model to generate a digital image corresponding to what I saw in the hypnagogic state. During the exhibition, what I saw in the deep states was a "city with a circle around it". The generated image was this:
This is then placed at the top of the dreamcatcher. Thus, the dreamcatcher "catches my dream or rather photographs my subconscious with the imprint of my brain activity".
The NFT of the dreamcatcher was airdropped to the collector of the 1/1 NFT of the key image of the Numaverse project which went into auction as part of the exhibition. The link to the dreamcatcher NFT is:
The link to the Niftygateway auction NFT is:
Early Processes and Iterations
Final Interactive Sculpture
The final interactive sculpture can be viewed at:​​​​​​​
The live generation of the feathers:
Photographs from the Rhizomatic exhibition at the Museum of the Future:
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