This project help provide remote Physiotherapy sessions, games and exercises to patients with upper limb motor sifunctionality. For this purpose we used a haptic device(Geomagic touch), to be specific a haptic pen. The pen helps "feel" the weight of virtual objects and to feel surfaces. It also gives force feedback. The first module of our project provides an interface for the patient to get remote physiotherapy sessions live or pre-recorded. The second module uses pre-defined games. The third module of the project helps in whole arm exercises.
Haptic Pen
Collaborative interaction
Module 1
The patient interacts with the interface initially by entering his details into the screen.
He then places his hand over the haptic pen.
The doctor on the far-end gets a live webcam feed of the patient and all the details about the patient. These details and the patient's feed are then used for live diagnosis.
The doctor then uses the 3D mouse or a similar haptic device available with him to control the movement of the haptic device at the patient's end. This could also be pre-recorded according to the patient's diagnosis and the patient can use it as per convenience.
Module 2
The next module consists of a series of games to enhance the motor movement and strength as well as eye-hand coordination. The first one involves moving a ball through a specific path.
The movement complexity can be increased by varying the size and the "weight" of the ball and the complexity of the path.
The next one involves correctly fitting a solid into a hole by selecting the one with the correct fit. This again requires eye-hand coordintation and flexing and rotating the wrist and arm.
The final game involves stacking cubes of different weights, which in turn helps balance and in strengthening the muscles.
An optional virtual reality headset can be included for combating the depth problem. This helps in better eye-hand coordination.
Module 3
The final module involves larger movements with whole arm stretches and exercises.
A Microsoft Kinect is used for the exercises and prompts are given on where to move the arm to. Gaming elements like score and applause adds to the immersion.
Some initial trials
Final Project Video
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