Giant Fountain is the second artwork in the Project Yathra and is pinned to Kazbegi, Georgia
Once upon a time, in the lands of Stepantsminda (also known as Kazbegi) in Georgia, there was a Giant Fountain that roamed freely, its majestic form enchanting all who laid eyes upon it. One day, while wandering through the verdant landscapes, the Fountain encountered a horde of creatures known as Trots. These tiny creatures had ropes with which they sought to capture the Giant Fountain. They tied the ropes tightly around the pipes of the Fountain and began to pull it in opposite directions, left and right, left and right.
The Giant Fountain, struggling and writhing, fought back with all its might, moving from one side to the other in a valiant effort to break free from the Trots' grasp. However, the ropes were too strong, and the pipes of the Fountain were blocked, causing no water to flow out. Despite its efforts, the Fountain could not escape the Trots' grasp, and the battle raged on for many years.
One day, the Giant Fountain realized that it was futile to continue struggling against the Trots, and it decided to give up the fight. It simply sat down at the point where it was, and watched the Trots. The Trots, undeterred, continued to pull and tug at the Fountain, but to no avail. They soon grew bored, realizing that their efforts were in vain, and one by one, they left the Fountain alone.
As the Trots departed, the pipes of the Fountain began to become free, and water slowly started to trickle out. Gradually at first, but then with increasing force, water gushed forth from the Fountain, filling the skies with a beautiful, cascading shower. The Fountain sat there, watching as the water flowed freely once again, and legend has it that the rain that fell from the skies around the Fountain caused a magnificent forest to grow.
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