"I" ,  is an ever-changing NFT artwork. This NFT can be changed to any image or video that the artist wants in the future:
What happens when you buy something but it is not that thing anymore? What happens when you own a painting but everything in the painting except the frame of the painting changes?
NFTs have become a phenomenon in digital ownership. Every time someone purchases an NFT, they "own" a single something. But what if they own an NFT that changes as the creator likes? Do they own all what the creator showcase? Do they own nothing at all? What exactly do they own?
And when it comes to what the creator will showcase, what exactly would he/she showcase? A new artwork every day? A picture of their dog? A sarcastic quote? A rebellious photograph? A video of .... well...imagine...
There have been many dynamic NFTs. There have been many works of similarity in the past I am sure. But for a second imagine what would be collected? Maybe it's the creator's imagination that is being collected? Maybe its his frustration? Maybe its his happiness?
With this artwork I am tokenising a variable. You never know what will show up in this television.
And now for the main question, how is it related to the Mona Lisa? Here is an article I wrote on the same:

NFT of Mona Lisa on Opensea

View on Opensea: 
Some images showcased in "I" so far:
Words from the community:​​​​​​​
This work was created with the amazing Beyond.NFT platform​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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