A series of AI generated art + poetry + generative music

A tiny little whalelet
In the ocean that is the world
A handful of colours
And ahead is a long road​​​​​​​
An ensemble of abstraction
A feeling of similitude
The whole larger than the parts
Yet the parts are the same as the whole
The moon so white heard the cry
It was melting and yet so frightening
Where the werewolf stood it shone
Bathing each other in light, enlightening
When the stream of the beats
Enters the flow of the source
A return back to the seat
For neither better nor worse
Oh beauty where are you?
I find you inside when I know you
But why a more beautiful one
When you are all that is
Dove deep down into the ocean
Where light seldom slits through
Hid that piece of gold there
And searched everywhere for what's true
Broken glass pieces
Play and prey
Cuts that never heal
In a masquerade day
Isolated from the world
Yet entirely part of existence
What am I that sees the whorl
Who am I who is the observance
Where is it that you meld into benignity
Hiding behind those meaningless divinity
When all encompasses the sovereign vitality
Why is it that you hold onto eternity
For isn't the world a chimera
A symbiosis of differentials
Ever merging into the plethora
A dormant volcano of potentials
Sail back home
Return my lover
Come back to me
When life is all over
The hidden shadow beneath us all
The fights that rage beyond the wall
To fail is to win, to believe in the code
For beyond reason lies truth's abode
The rage that goes on the insides
Roots of fear blows from all sides
Rejuvenate afresh when it subsides
Witness and live without a hindsight
A rush
A moment
An ocean
Behold the prince of the zenith
The destination of all sentience
The coronation shall be magic
Forever alive in transience​​​​​​​
Its just a beat that creates us
Nestled and growing into perfection
Hold the hands that enable thus
For eternity is in that connection
The breath so heard afar
Was desire's abode of fire
Annihilating it all in Bavar
A dragon so rested, The sire
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