The wake up call in a lush of green
From the dreamy sleep in a mirror
Disintegrates into a unifying sheen
When eternity becomes clearer
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Until the end
Just Be and Do
To Swim
And play
To Win
Fly away
Mansion House
Relive the glory days before the dawn
Before the entry into this illusion
Believe the glory is the eternal home
Forever within waiting invocation
Tempting, a game of waiting
The deluge danced on the crevices
And when the soul dreamt of resting
It came crashing in all recesses
Ever so fast
Time heals our hearts
Wherever your shrine
The beauty within shines
The battle is on, in a field of death
Where everyone owns a piece of the bread
When happiness is a question of dearth
Whatever will fight what the covids bred
Mind Castle
The esoteric hallucination of the deepest mind
A latent space of justifiable uncertainty
Where beyond the unknown is what to find
In a timeless time ruling the lands of eternity 

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