Regalia is a generative, participatory and interactive artwork meant to let the audience be a part of the creation of the art itself. As an extension of the watercolor-imaginarium project, I trained a set of watercolour paintings which I had curated (using StyleGAN). Images generated from this were photo-manipulated to create a set of Insignias - the symbols at the centre of each Regalia. The area around the Insignia is a playground where anyone can draw and complete the artwork. Regardless of skill levels, anyone can make amazing creations because of the use of symmetry. Although it uses a simple algorithm to draw, this artwork tries to push the boundaries of generative art ownership using the Async Art platform and also tries to bring in for the first time, code-rendered artworks in the Blockchain art world.
The artwork, which in its essence is an interactive mandala art can be tried out at : . By clicking/tapping and drawing around the insignia different symmetrical patterns can be created. The final artwork can be downloaded by pressing enter/return key. This page is linked to the layers of Regalia, i.e. based on the states of the different layers, the colour palette of the artwork, the central insignia, the planes of symmetry and the brush size changes. Thus, the owner of each layer controls the look and feel of the artwork and its creation process. 
I believe that a true artist starts by creating/curating his tools of creation. In the same spirit, many of my works hitherto have been on creating tools, digital or otherwise, and then using those tools to create art. Regalia is also created with the same concept in mind. Regalia is an effort to showcase the power of generative art, fractal ownership of parts of such an artwork and finally the introduction of interactive, generative art in the Blockchain art platform.
The NFT of the artwork is hosted and controlled from Async.Art:
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