Schrodingers box is an expression of the famous Schrodingers Cat thought-experiment - if a cat is placed near something that could kill the cat inside a closed box, we would not be able to know if the cat is dead or alive until the box is opened at which point it falls into one of the two states - dead or alive. The importance of the "observer" and the "observation" has been surprisingly found in quantum physics and deep spiritual realms. The fact that something comes into its stable form when it is observed and otherwise there is just a probability of its nature, is truly interesting and baffling. Schrodinger's Box is an expression of the same idea. Using generative code, I made this interactive experiment to showcase this concept using the user's interaction. If you move the mouse towards the centre (that is if you focus on the object), the object becomes stable. And if you are away (not focussed), it is in a state of probability denoted by the chaotic fluctuation. The final artwork can be found at:

Schrodinger's box is one of the earliest live, interactive, generative art NFTs and is currently in the Museum of Cryptoart Genesis Collection:

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