“The Lost Wallet” (TLW) was an artwork, rather an experiment, with a web3 twist, asking the question:

"What would you do if you find a lost wallet?"

I created a wallet that contained $100 in USDT, some ETH, a few of my NFTs and a TLW NFT. The TLW NFT had the Seed Phrase of (key to open) the wallet in its metadata.

The address of the wallet was:

Now the question was...What would you do if you open this wallet?

Will you take it all, give it back, burn it all or something else?

The result of this experiment which went on for 2hrs, was that nobody stole the money, many opened the wallet and closed it without doing anything, someine gifted 10 $MOCA to the wallet, one person transferred 0ETH out to show they opened and kept it back and finally the Museum of Crypto Artopened the wallet, returned all the money to me and took the TLW NFT into their permanent collection. 

Update: The wallet is still open and the community has been putting everything from their own NFTs, statements, Airdrops and even viruses to the wallet. 
Warning: This is an uncontrolled experiment. Please refrain from interacting with the wallet or items in it unless you are absolutely sure.
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