What is Voxorium?
Voxorium is a sound reactive 3D sculpture made using generative code in threejs. The sculpture changes form in response to sound or music. All parameters of the sculpture is dynamically alterable. After the experience loads, audio recording starts automatically. Pressing the "enter" button at any time will download a 3D model of the sculpture at that moment as a GLTF file and the audio recording till then. (Maximum recording time 1 minute). The sound is shown in the sculpture cumulatively, which means that the 3D model that you download will be a unique memorabilia of the sound/music till that moment.
A note on privacy: The audio recording happens completely on the front-end in the device browser. No audio data is transferred to any server and happens locally. (which means I can't listen to your recordings)
Where to experience:
Voxorium can be experienced at: https://nurecas.github.io/voxorium/
I started by experimenting with sound-reactive code in p5js:
Halfway iterating the experiences I created a 3D sound-reactive generative art called sonosium:
Finally moved on to threejs
Voxorium started to evolve
Final generative sculpture:

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