Voxorium is a 3D, generative, sound-reactive and hence interactive sculpture - A peaceful art that flutters with sound. The final interactive artwork can be experienced at: https://nurecas.github.io/voxorium or at: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmZJqEUoiMGhmdKWN8EZKjP2NNhXa77foTQSghSFBzTgt5
Voxorium is not only a sound-reactive work, but can also record a conversation, a music clip or an audio moment in the form of a 3D sculpture and an .ogg file. As soon as you load Voxorium, recording begins. Pressing the enter button will download the image, the audio recording and the sound sculpture model (GLTF) corresponding to the conversation. This image/sculpture will be unique and hence can be preserved as a memory/representation of that conversation/music etc. ( Maximum recording time is 1 minute, after which the file will be auto-downloaded. ) Thus, the artwork goes beyond just interaction, but also into creation - in the form of a memorabilia of a conversation/music.
The pandemic of 2020 had forced us to be inside our homes. When 2021 started I had renewed hopes, but things remained the same. I started to experience a lot of silence around me. And to my own consternation, the silence grew such that any sound around me made an indescribable impact on me. Perhaps it’s easier to say I became more sensitive to sound. With Voxorium I wanted to create generative variants, but I wanted to go beyond assigning a random number and generating with code. I wanted to give it a human touch. My heightened sensitivity drove me into listening to those subtle sounds around me which I usually comfortably ignore. I realised each of these sounds had a memory, a thought or a feeling attached to it. I decided to “visualise” these sounds. I recorded these sounds (33 in total) and played it through different unique variants of Voxorium and used the generated images as layers for this art. I also added, the memory, thought or feeling associated with the sounds in the description of each layer. Thus the artwork is also a collection of myself in parts and is such that “the whole becomes the part becomes the whole becomes the part”
A note on privacy -
1. Voxorium is completely front-end based and does not store any sound data/recording. All recording happens in the browser only. The experience best works on Desktop.
2. I decided to keep all recordings and 3d models corresponding to the layers to myself, but have shared the image and the story related to it in the layers.
Where to experience:
I started by experimenting with sound-reactive code in p5js:
Halfway iterating the experiences I created a 3D sound-reactive generative art called sonosium:
Finally moved on to threejs
Voxorium started to evolve
And finally reached a good form
Towards the beginning of March 2021, I started listening to sounds around me. Because of the pandemic, I had lot of time at home and this made me sensitive to sounds which I normally ignore. I snapshotted these sounds by recording them with variants of Voxorium and then finally assembled the snapshot images of each sound as layers in Async
The Master image was a grid of the variants thus showing the concept "the whole becomes the part becomes the whole"
Find the full artwork in Async.Art:
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